Life Imitating Art

Processing possibilities and impossibilities is a human habit and the reason why we love both romances and crime novels, is the reason my kids make their toys kill each other. We're constantly processing the world we experience (increasingly through media) and trying to construct sense from it. I'm fascinated by the complex dialogue about creativity, … Continue reading Life Imitating Art


I've been dreading the little email icon on my phone screen. Every time something drops in, I'm dreading a no from either Mills and Boon about Tess and Diego's manuscript or a no to my Carina Pitch proposal. The email from Mackenzie Walton at Carina Press dropped in today. She requested the full manuscript! My … Continue reading RELIEF

Request #2

I was in a car in the Irish countryside a week before Christmas with some new acquaintances and it turned out we all had creative careers or side careers. I mentioned my romance novels, explaining it was early days yet and I had had only limited success with one publisher that ultimately led to a … Continue reading Request #2


I love writing novels because it's the opportunity to truly step into someone else's shoes for a few months of your life. My second passion after writing fiction has always been learning languages. As my native language is English, it's not easy to learn languages because everyone speaks my language better than I speak theirs. … Continue reading Spanglish

Moving On

As the saying goes, I'm a real author now. I've had a manuscript rejected. And it's taken me how long? to be able to write this blog post. It's taken me exactly as long as it's taken to finish the next manuscript. The feedback I received on the story of Meg and Jon was partly … Continue reading Moving On