Fitting for a book about music, the playlists for My Christmas Number One are EXTENSIVE! I've finally managed to curate it down to two playlists of songs that are embedded in the book and I thought I'd post them here so readers can listen along! The first playlist has already been out in the world … Continue reading Playlists

All the Feelings

As the Christmas season ramps up, there are more reviews and reactions coming in for My Christmas Number One. All reviews (yes, even bad ones) are important to a new author. Internet algorithms (particularly from one retailer with a jungly name) are influenced by the number of reviews, as well as sales, so books can … Continue reading All the Feelings

Book 2

I'm crazy nervous about My Christmas Number One coming out tomorrow, so I'm glad I still have book 2 to get on with. Except that I'm editing, rather than drafting, and I'm not sure I'm being useful anymore. But I'm also not sure I can send these guys off to my editor, yet. I'm stuck. … Continue reading Book 2

You are an author

I'm about to start the proof read of My Christmas Number One, which will give us the final text that will go to publication. Cover reveal should happen around mid-July. It's still a couple of months until it comes out (September 10! Woohoo!), but I thought now was the time to write this post dedicated … Continue reading You are an author