You are an author

I'm about to start the proof read of My Christmas Number One, which will give us the final text that will go to publication. Cover reveal should happen around mid-July. It's still a couple of months until it comes out (September 10! Woohoo!), but I thought now was the time to write this post dedicated … Continue reading You are an author

Preferences and POV

I have recently finished reading #NoFilter (yes, there is a hashtag in the title), by Maxine Morrey. I had a lovely holiday in Libby Cartright's world in Brighton while she muddled through falling in love while feeling inadequate and missing her mother, who died suddenly when she was a teenager. Maxine hooks the reader like … Continue reading Preferences and POV

Another New Life

Exactly a month after my last post, my next post is similar - and completely different. The draft of my last project is finished and the partial requested as part of the Mills and Boon Modern Blitz is with the editor. The full manuscript is with beta readers. So, of course, I've started something new. … Continue reading Another New Life