Content/Trigger Warnings

It’s important to me that my books are a safe space for readers to enjoy a cosy love story and escape real life. All of my books end happily and have positive messages about embracing who you are, but the characters do have their challenges and their traumas (usually in the backstory). I’ve decided to list the topics here that some readers might wish to avoid, or which might trigger unpleasant responses in some readers.

My Christmas Number One

  • Clinical anxiety/PTSD
  • Loss of family members (in backstory)
  • Physical disability (lower leg amputation – coming to terms with this is not part of the story, it’s in the past)

Italy Ever After

  • Post-partum depression (in backstory)
  • School bullying (in backstory)

A Match Made in Venice

  • Problematic relationship with a parent (dealt with very gently)

We’ll Always Have Venice

  • Physical disability
  • Problematic relationship with a parent (again, not dramatic)

Twenty-One Nights in Paris

  • Kidnapping (in backstory) and anxiety/PTSD
  • Loss of a parent (in backstory)
  • Parent with mental health issues leading to loss of custody (again in backstory)
  • Racism from secondary characters (which is challenged and ultimately subverted by the character’s happy ending and willingness to stand up to it)

Berlin Calling

  • Serious illness of family member (backstory)
  • Self-harm (backstory)

A Taste of Italian Sunshine

  • Loss of own child (in backstory) (big spoiler. Please highlight if you’d like to see this one. It s only in the backstory and doesn’t happen on-page)
  • Undiagnosed autism