Title Troubles

I hate that my novels need titles. It’s not the creative process of naming the story that I dislike – sometimes that’s fun (although I have trouble resisting corny puns). It’s the reality that the title isn’t really up to me. It has to mean something to the reader. Add to that the fact that most simple titles have already been used numerous times, you end up with Mills and Boon titles, which are by necessity descriptive. Based on Mills and Boon titles, I’m most likely going with Holiday Affair, Impossible Love for my entry to the Harlequin Romance/True Love competition.

This is one of my favourite viral articles of all time. I laughed so hard I was in tears even the fourth or fifth time. Here’s what Artificial Intelligence came up with for romance novel titles.

Now I need to channel some AI to create working titles for my WIPs that sound intriguing, with enough hints about the plot and avoiding corny puns. The puns have been flying as I plan the Pathfields Close Protection Agency series. There are lots of puns on ‘Close’ or ‘Closer’. Some are borderline corny. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Getting Closer
  • Close Call
  • Close Combat
  • Close Contact
  • Close to the Truth
  • Close Friends
  • Up Close

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