Changing Gears

What now? I submitted my full manuscript to Harlequin last week. For me, for now, that means it’s done. It’s over. It’s in the file. A couple of the scenes still run through my head occasionally, just to indulge. So where to next?

I used my time yesterday plotting the next in the series after Meg and Jon. I’ve written the whole synopsis and I’m getting into the story nicely. Some of the adrenaline from the final scenes of the first one are helping the second take shape. Starting something new is exciting. But now it’s got characters and shape, I could start writing it. I’ve even written the first scene in my head once or twice. But now I’m terrified to start it.

I’m terrified because of my usual fear of ruining what seems engrossing in my own mind (see this blog post for a bit more on this topic). But I’m also scared that if I start, I won’t be able to stop. I was absolutely shattered after finishing Meg and Jon. I don’t have a huge amount of time during the day (long may the toddler nap), so it fell to the evenings. Plus there are holidays coming up, so I won’t be able to do much next week or the week after.

Then there is my other series. I’ve been in a royal European bubble for so long that I’ve forgotten how much I used to love Matt and Sarah. I just have one or two edits to do and they’ll be ready to head off (probably to Carina Press…). It makes sense to do that, but I’m struggling to change gears.

Perhaps I don’t want to sever the connection with my manuscript while it’s being considered by the editors. Working on my romantic suspense manuscript feels like a Plan B when I haven’t let go of Plan A, yet. I’m a bit scared what I’ll think of it when I open the file again.

At least I have no doubt that I want to dive straight back in again. I feel like I should rest, but I don’t want to. Box sets or catching up on films just don’t have the appeal of getting onto the next scene.

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