My Christmas Number One

It’s May. We’re still getting further from last Christmas while being so far from this Christmas that I may as well be editing a fantasy novel. But this is the life of an author of romance, because Christmas and romance are a perfect combination.

I’ve just sent my line edits back to my editor, which is one step closer to being done. My editor will check over the changes we’ve agreed and then it will be sent off to the copy editor for the final stage. In celebration of the book being so close to FINISHED, here are a few hints:

  • Turkey, cranberry and stuffing Christmas sandwiches meet pasteles, arepas and papaya in the craziest, trans-Atlantic Christmas of their lives
  • There’s dancing (did I mention dancing?)
  • A gutsy heroine who know’s what’s what
  • A singing, dancing, drummer with his heart in the right place
  • Music, memories and a large dose of Christmas nostalgia

Stay tuned for the cover, coming soon…

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