Viewing Reviews

It begins.

My Christmas Number One has been up on Netgalley for a few weeks now and the reviews are coming in. I watched with some excitement/dread for the first one, which was a very respectable 4 stars. It was MY FIRST REVIEW!! It’s now up to an averaged 5 stars, which still makes me euphoric every time I look.

Reviews are wonderful and terrible. It felt like a huge milestone to read my first ever review, but it also makes me nervous because I know every book gets bad reviews, because every book isn’t for everyone. I put my heart into the book and, while I realise people have different taste, it’s still going to hurt when someone writes a bad review.

Thankfully all of them have been really nice so far! Even the single 3 star review was all positive! It’s a gentle introduction for this newbie author. I really appreciate everyone who takes the time to write a review. This will be especially true for the customers who buy the ebook through the various platforms as the activity makes the book more visible to other customers who may be looking for a fun and moving Christmas love story.

I’ve had six perfectly beautiful 5 star reviews so far that I come back and read when I need to counteract the nerves of bringing out the book (or the general nerves from 2020… you know what I’m talking about!) As a first-time author, these make me delirious with happiness. Here are some of my favourite bits:

“…this book has really been an absolutely wonderful read which I have completely devoured in just one sitting.” -Vikkie W.

I must admit it was one of my life goals to write books that people want to read in one sitting! I’m so pleased to have hit that one first time! Thanks so much Vikkie!

“You completely find yourself becoming emotionally attached with the characters… I loved the journey (literally and physical) that it took me on.” -Susanne B.

I’m so thrilled other people are getting to know Cara and Javi!!

“I have books that I reread, or try to, each Christmas. None are by a debut author. However, I think that, yes, ‘My Christmas Number One’ from debut author Leonie Mack, has joined that club.” -Mick A.

This is high praise I would never have expected!!! This book was such a labour of love for me, with so many themes and threads that came together in a way that surprised me and taught me a lot about writing a novel. It’s feedback that certainly makes me appreciate the five books I wrote before this one that were my experiments. Debut author I am, but it’s been a long learning process. I’m so pleased I’m getting better at this!

“This is a very special debut by Leonie Mack, who’s writing is engaging, characters are relatable with dynamic relationships and the delicate topics were covered so well. My heart is full after reading this.” -Katie S.

This!!! My heart is full. This is what my books are about!

These are reviews to hang onto for the rest of my career and I’m so thankful to the lovely people who took the time to write them! There’s still time to request the book on Netgalley or pre-order here.

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