Publication Day!


Today is the day that my first book comes out!

It’s a privilege to have so many people join in with my story, get to know my characters. It’s what I’ve always aimed to achieve. Now this book is out in the world, it’s my chance to keep doing this incredible job: creating worlds and people and bringing joy through imagination. It’s my hope that enough people will read and enjoy My Christmas Number One that I can continue to devote more time and energy to writing.

2020 has been a challenging year on a global scale. We need the hope and healing of Christmas more than ever, the feeling that we are connected to past Christmases where there were no masks or social distancing, no fear of bringing the pandemic home to our neighbourhoods. And we need the hope that the future will bring more Christmases filled with large family gatherings and multi-generational celebrations. I hope my book can bring to live a few hours of fun and family, even when this year’s Christmas may look different for many people.

It doesn’t have to be ‘Christmas Number One’, but I hope readers enjoy it. Buy it here.

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