And now, meet Nick

In a previous post, I introduced the heroine of my second book Italy Ever After. Now, in time for Valentine’s Day (and the cover reveal happening on 15 February!!!), meet the hero, Nick Romano.

Nick (Mr Romano to you) is a kind, quirky music teacher at a primary school in South London. He’s thirty-two (yes, that makes him slightly younger than the heroine), has recently broken up with his girlfriend, a reception teacher, and moved back home with his Italian mother, who’s prone to coddling. He’s taught the heroine’s daughter violin for six years, now, but all it takes is a moment of vulnerability to see his student’s hot mum in a fresh light. It makes the weeks on music camp in northern Italy… interesting to say the least.

Nick has hidden passions and some difficult moments in his past. People can call him Nick or Nico or even Mr Romano, but never his full first name. He gave a critically acclaimed performance of Bruch’s Violin Concerto No. 1 when he was only fourteen years old (have a listen and you’ll get an idea of his character). But this former prodigy doesn’t perform anymore and Lou can’t help wanting to puzzle out why.

He’s a music nerd at heart, but he spent his holidays by Lake Garda as a child and a young man, so he also enjoys cycling (expect tight shorts), hiking (because it’s there) and he can drive a Vespa (be still my beating heart). His grandparents also have an olive grove in the hills by the northern end of the lake.

As the pressure of the looming competition hots up and the memories of the first sixteen years of his life, when he lived in Milan, start to choke him, he has to open up to Lou and hope that she can handle the truth about his hang-ups.

Picking an actor for Nick was difficult, so I’ve chosen one of the influences for his character, which isn’t quite right and you have to imagine his dark-framed glasses! But I’ve picked Jack Savoretti because he’s not too far off. Oh, and Nick is a very snappy dresser!

I can’t wait to share with you all Lou and Nick’s love story at Lake Garda! As a pair, they’re funny and electric and honest and totally heartwarming. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Italy Ever After is out 11 May, pre-order from 15 February.

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