Reader Seeks Romance #2

It’s been a busy month after publication of Italy Ever After and I’ve been generally busy writing the next two books (which are getting real! It’s so exciting!) I’m catching up gradually with the lovely hype that happened around publication day, including some lovely reviews from the blog tour and this publication day episode of Liz’s super fun romance talk show, Reader Seeks Romance. She’s always such fun to chat to and such a YouTube pro! Give her a follow!

So here’s some more inside info on the characters and setting of Italy Ever After, although of course I had to describe it as ‘very, very slow… burn’, which isn’t the best sales pitch! But trust me, although they don’t kiss until nearly halfway through, when they do, it’s 🔥🔥🔥!

One thought on “Reader Seeks Romance #2

  1. Catching up on your blog and just noticed this post. Thanks for your continued support, Leonie! Looking forward to your 3rd appearance later this year. 💗

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