What’s going on

I thought I wasn’t going to write another slow burn romance. You guessed it, it’s another slow burn. I hit 53,000 words today and they’ve finally kissed properly. I’m really enjoying this book, now. I’m living and breathing it, which means listening to the same songs over and over again because they’re the ‘mood’ songs. My poor family. Hopefully I’ll have a completed draft in a few weeks so I can take my foot off the accelerator.

I should give it it’s own blog post, but I’m just completing the copy edits for A Match Made in Venice and it’s actually (whispers) already up for ebook pre-order, if you want to go check it out (please ignore the typo in the cover copy! I have asked for it to be changed a couple of times now, but it’s slow in filtering through!) But the title is final, the publication date is 9 November and I’m starting to get excited!! It’s a trip to Venice that you won’t forget, that’s for sure!

It’s also amazing to see Italy Ever After getting out there. A few more readers are starting to find me, which helps the evil imposter syndrome. Reviews are always tricky, but Italy Ever After is still at 4.5 on Amazon, which is amazing, and 4.23 on Goodreads. My Christmas Number One got a higher proportion of five star reviews, interestingly, but a lower overall average. Either way, onward and upward. As long as I can keep bringing out books, I’m happy.

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