My Christmas Number One is 1!

On this day one year ago, I became a published author. How strange to think it was only a year ago, but also strange that this little book is already a year old.

There is something magical about first books and, although my second book has sold more copies than my first, My Christmas Number One will always be incredibly special to me. There’s almost a strange sadness that my first book is now forever done, but I suppose over time I might be able to use some of these elements in new stories. So many of my favourite things went into this first book.

  1. A hot drummer. I’m tempted to do another drummer hero even now, although it’s too soon. There’s something about a man behind a drumkit, bashing things in perfect rhythm. My head just explodes with character ideas.
  2. Female character who is totally capable and whole and in charge of her life, despite a very difficult history and a disability. I think Cara has inspired all of my other main characters. I love writing women who have genuine setbacks, but deal with them with great strength.
  3. Latin music! I am obsessed with all kinds of Latin music and all of that passion went into the book! The beats! The instruments! The incredible talent of the musicians! The traditions and folk music as well as the urban beat of reggaeton! I love it all and I have since Ricky Martin crossed over in the 90’s.
  4. Different Christmas traditions. I grew up in Australia and a hot Christmas still makes me nostalgic. I really enjoyed thinking about Christmas outside of the usual snowy cabins and hot chocolate (although the snow and ice skating etc does arrive eventually!)

I never believed my first book would have over 350 Amazon UK ratings, with more than half of them five stars! The little Bestseller flag in the World Music category is back at the moment, too, which makes me so happy! I’m hoping more readers will be touched by Cara and Javi’s story this Christmas!

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