The Calm before the Storm

Publication day is always a bit of a whirlwind of thrills and nerves. This time around, I had a big week last week (school holidays, which were really tiring), and also this week (my youngest is scheduled for minor surgery), so today I’m trying to take it easy on purpose, tie up a few loose ends and make the next few days of promo stuff run smoothly. Part of that has meant allowing myself the time to fiddle around on YouTube (because I finally have a few moments to myself). And I found this, which I LOVE. It’s an Italian advert for Bialetti moka pots (which are pretty awesome actually) featuring the actor who I would choose to play Piero in the film version of a Match Made in Venice! I’ll embed it below for your viewing enjoyment:

I think Piero only makes coffee once in a Match Made in Venice, but the hero of the second book, We’ll Always Have Venice, makes breakfast for the heroine several times… He’s called Gianluca and I am absolutely bursting to tell you more about the second book. Hopefully soon. In the meantime, you can meet the heroine of the second book, Norah, (and a teensy cameo of the hero) in a Match Made in Venice when it comes out tomorrow!

I also caught up with the music video for a new single from Giorgio Gozzo, one of the singers from the band Rumatera, who were on repeat while I was writing these Venice books. It’s called Campagnoeo (‘Campagnolo’ in standard Italian – the song is in the Veneto dialect). I like that the music video has subtitles in standard Italian, in case you don’t understand the dialect. The chorus translates as something like ‘I’m a country boy’. If you’re interested in the dialect, here you are:

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