Meet the secondary characters

I absolutely embraced the secondary characters in a Match Made in Venice, especially as I planned this as the first in a two-book series, so I knew the secondary characters would appear in both. I can’t wait to bring you We’ll Always Have Venice next year, where we get more of all of the characters, including a few scenes I absolutely love, featuring Didi and Piero (including an epilogue five years in the future!)


Salvatore is Piero’s father and he accidentally stole the show. He’s charming and hospitable and deeply embedded in the traditions of his heritage. He thinks Piero is soft and selfish, but father and son are more alike than either one will admit. Salvatore quotes proverbs (not always the most appropriate, or at the best moments) and doesn’t shy away from being tough on the people he loves.


Poor Saffron has had a bit of a tough life. She’s a dreamer who refused to learn life’s lessons and stumbled from one doomed relationship to another – often to the detriment of her daughters, particularly her eldest daughter, Didi. But she might have learned her lesson now… Or maybe not.


Didi’s younger sister Norah is the female main character of the second book, We’ll Always Have Venice. I loved writing a pair of sisters. They are very close, even though Didi is seven years older. Norah is a research scientist in the field of microbiology, but it’s her creative drive that fires her scientific studies. She lives with Didi during the time period of a Match Made in Venice, as she finds her feet after a workplace accident that left her with an injured spine and also meant the end of her long-term relationship. She’s a little bitter and jaded, but her sense of humour carries her through and watching Didi struggle against falling in love is a bit of an education for Norah herself.

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