New Obsession

So I absolutely ADORED an Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts, the new Italian romcom on Netflix. It’s the most enjoyable thing I’ve watched in ages and the only problem is the necessity for season two to finish the story (because the thing is only 6 half hour episodes so far). I usually hate cliffhanger endings, but the last episode gave me just enough of the developing relationship to make it all worthwhile to me and the rest of it was such a blast.

An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts on Netflix, starring Claudia Gusmano and Michele Rosiello

I tried to analyse why I enjoyed it so much and I think it boils down to some classic romcom feelings and awkward moments, enough of the main relationship in each episode and a sense of humour that just tickled me all the time. (I loved the bit where the heroine is describing her latest man as being like a young Antonio Banderas – for some reason this just made me howl with laughter. You’ll have to watch it to see what I mean as I won’t quote the entire dialogue here).

I loved that the heroine was getting into classic romcom scrapes, but she was still a really strong character and embraced it when she was silly, rather than getting embarassed. And I love that the show is about her professional success, rather than her professional failure. It’s a pet peeve of mine when a romcom heroine loses her job and her boyfriend and her house all at once (you know the trope). I won’t say I hate all romcoms with this trope (I really love some), I just wish there were more that showed the heroine having professional success.

I don’t even have to mention that another massive selling point is Michele Rosiello. Phew!

And finally… the kiss in the last episode. Do I admit to the world that I’ve watched it about six times already? (Seven times, now I had to snap the photo below!) The next time I have to write a kissy scene, I know what I’m doing to get myself in the zone. Oh. My. God. They pause, get this, to smile at each other! The moment is everything! (which is lucky because then the series ends on a cliffhanger – rude!)

Epic screen kiss from an Astrological Guide to Broken Hearts

You know what you all have to do now… campaign with me for season two!!!

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