What’s Going on

Phew, I’m about to send off the edits for We’ll Always Have Venice! Then it’s on to the copy editor and proofreader and it will be with you all on 28 April 2022 (just in time for my wedding anniversary, which is lovely, considering I dedicated this one to my husband!)

In other news, I get to write FOUR more books!!!! I’m thrilled to have signed a new contract, so watch this space for more hints about the October 2022 book and the THREE to follow that.

A Match Made in Venice has hit all its milestones much faster than my first two books, which is so lovely to see. Writing books is a dream for me and I’m thrilled to be gradually reaching more readers. There are so many amazing books out there, so I’m so grateful to everyone who’s chosen to pick up mine. Tanto amore!!!

Just because I can’t keep a secret, here’s a song that’s currently inspiring my thoughts about book 5:

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