We’ll Always Have Venice

I’m thrilled to officially announce the publication of my fourth book, We’ll Always Have Venice on 28 April 2022!

These characters were an absolute joy to write. It’s full of banter and affection, and a love that grows even though neither of them believes it’s possible. When I was writing, my theme word was SWOON! And swoon is definitely embodied in Gianluca, the gorgeous, good-hearted hero. This book is Norah’s love story, the sister from a Match Made in Venice and I also had an awful lot of fun bringing Didi and Piero back into the story. You might get a glimpse into their future as well…

Here’s what to expect in We’ll Always Have Venice:

  • A busy STEM heroine and a laid-back crafstman hero
  • A friendship pact that goes spectacularly wrong
  • Banter and nicknames
  • Not one, but THREE only-one-bed scenes!

I’m so excited about this book that I’d love to get the word out far and wide. If you are a reviewer or a blogger and you’d like to get your hands on an eARC (Advanced Reader Copy) please do get in touch! It will also be available to request from Netgalley in about a week, but feel free to get in touch for an ARC because I do have some say in who gets approved on Netgalley (although my publisher administers it).

ARC readers wanted for We’ll Always Have Venice by Leonie Mack
Who can resist the romance of Venice… 

When Norah arrives in Venice for a ten-week internship she is surprised to discover that her guide for her work trips around the lagoon is the undeniably gorgeous and kind Gianluca. She can’t help thinking he might be too good to be true, with his endless fascinating local stories, and his infectious laugh.

Norah is still bitter after an accident left her with a serious injury and also meant the end of her long-term relationship. And besides, she’s serious about her career and that means leaving Venice at the end of the summer. 

Gianluca has had a summer fling before that led to heartache for him and he won’t do it again. He enjoys the long hours out on the lagoon with Norah, but after a storm strands them on a picture-perfect island for a night, they agree they should just be good friends for the summer. 

But life doesn’t always go to plan, and when it’s time for Norah to go, they have to decide whether what they have between them is really just a friendship, and not something more…

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