7 Things about We’ll Always Have Venice – Day One

We’ll Always Have Venice comes out in less than a week, so I thought I’d give you a few fun hints of what’s to come in the story and tell you a bit about the characters while I’m at it.

Day 1 Hint: Norah carries a rifle in the last scene

Norah York is the female main character of We’ll Always Have Venice. She’s a little sarcastic, curious, ambitious and full of energy. Her chosen passion is science – the field of marine microbiology in particular – and she’s determined to make it in her career as an academic researcher.

The idea of juggling research and a committed relationship makes her head spin and she’s been disappointed in love before, but this algae expert is capable of even more than she realises – including passing rifle training.

But why the rifle? It all part of where she is when her happily-ever-after finds her. You’ll just have to read to find out.

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