Twenty-One Nights in Paris is HERE

It’s release day for a very special book of my heart, that has been a different experience right from the beginning. It started with Paris, a city with many faces and a whole world of its own stories. The character of Sacha is a kind of allegory for my Paris – a little grumpy and realistic, imperfect, intelligent, affected by literature and history and open to the world and to others. I adore all of my love interest characters, but Sacha gave me a huge hero hangover when I’d written his well-earned HEA. He’s self-sacrificing (to the point of unwise), he hurts and he loves pretty hard.

Ren was born as Sacha’s opposite and balancing force, and as a character who’s never discovered the real Paris, or the things that are truly important in life. But she’s a fighter, where Sacha is more circumspect. I loved writing Ren’s voyage of discovery, though the sometimes grisly history of Paris and her own strange situation in life.

These two didn’t believe they were even supposed to meet, but Paris had other ideas…

I can’t wait for you all to read it!

Leonie xx

Aesthetic of Twenty-One Nights in Paris, with a red-headed woman and a man of Middle-Eastern descent, a carousel at night, a bicycle in Paris and the Seine at night
My aesthetic for Twenty-One Nights in Paris

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