Readalong 4

We’re just about halfway through the book, which is interesting, because most of my favourite bits are still to come… We have had our first iguana and Christmas is growing more and more unfamiliar to Cara. Poor old Javi is all grown up and he’s not ready to admit it, yet.

‘I’m not good with responsibility – or feelings.’

  • The scene in the market where Javi joins in with the street musicians was another one that lived in my mind before most of the story was written.
  • Gordon’s arrival is one of those turning-points in the book that I just knew was right, while I was writing. Sometimes writing feels like copying a painting from a blurry copy because the story hasn’t actually taken shape, yet, but that bit was always spot-on.
  • Whereas I knew what I wanted to do with Bea from the beginning, I had a hard time working out how to show Gordon. I’m not good at having antagonists at all, so you’ll see what happens with him.

‘I gave you five minutes for sexual tension and that five minutes is up.’

The scenes performing the music are my favourites in the whole book. It was a challenge to bring it to life. Describing dancing is REALLY HARD. So many of the words we’d use in English sound really lame (gyrate, anyone?).

And, not to give anything away, but the next section guys – the next section!!! I can’t wait. It’s the heart and soul of this book. Click here for the next readalong post.

This is the song playing in the soundtrack as Cara’s flight lands in Mexico! It has one of my favourite Spanish words in it: madrugada (the early hours of the morning).

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