Readalong 7

  • I did remember being happy with the airport kiss and it’s funny to see my ‘back-of-the-neck clamping’ thing started way back then LOL.

Ah, remembering how much I enjoyed writing the discussion with Gordon, too! There’s conflict there, but I really enjoyed how constructively they talked and giving Gordon some reasons for his behaviour. He redeems himself a little, of course, especially when he says this line:

Just don’t expect me to ever forgive him.

This is the song I pictured playing as they arrive in Cali (the music video has been sponsored by a beer company, so prepare yourself for some advertising).

Hasta que amanezca by ChocQuibTown

He enjoyed a long moment watching her: the way she flung her plait over her shoulder; the shape of her wrist, turned as she held the handle of her suitcase; her straight back and narrow shoulders.

Ah, the sex scene. I really had no idea what I was going for with that, how much detail would be expected. It could easily have been a full sex scene, which might have changed the course of my career. Anyway, it is what it is.

‘It’s not me, Cara. It’s us.’

The concert in Cali is one of the scenes I received the most feedback from readers about, which I love! I find my creative side wanting to return to music again and again as a theme in my books and, although I’ve been told books about music don’t sell well, I still want to write them!

If she left part of her heart in this club in Cali, it was worth it.

I find this one of the hottest lines in the whole book:

She adjusted the guitar strap and tugged it over her head. The wood was still warm from Javi’s body. His guitar felt good in her hands.

Eek, the crisis moment. I’m sorry I had to do it! But how else can they work through their problems? I do like how the song fit in here, too. That, of course, was woven in later, but these full-circle moments are so satisfying.

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