Push the Button!

Meg and Jon’s story is so much better with the revisions requested by Mills and Boon. I’ve edited it and left it and edited it and edited it when I should have left it and my eyes are permanently crossed. It’s hard.

I have been writing since I was old enough to be able to spell. I wrote love stories in my head when I was nine years old (that’s my earliest definite memory of doing so). And now I’ve had two positive emails from Mills and Boon. If I can just hit the right note with this book, I might have achieved a lifelong dream. And I can’t handle the pressure!

I have a completed draft. I’ve analysed the hero and heroine and made sure their characters are consistent and crafted motivation that makes sense. I have spent cumulative hours on Google maps checking routes and time on YouTube learning more about Formula One (here is where I admit I know a lot about the locations, but I have had to take a crash course in Formula One to be able to weave it in). I have made lists and double checked chapter word counts. I have read through it thoroughly three times since I finished it, with a different focus of editing each time. It’s time for Meg and Jon to fly.

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