Patterns and Connections

The human brain is truly amazing. At times like this, when I am up to my eyeballs in a story, it amazes me that we are able to create whole people, whole worlds that don’t really exist. And we are able to communicate these details to other people.

I am deep in writing and planning concurrently for the Christmas proposal. I got a kick up the butt (in a very good way) when I joined in with #CarinaPitch and three editors liked my pitch. The extra pressure helps, but it has also resulted in a particularly deep dive into the story. My notes app is full of snippets of dialogue and details that come to me when I can’t get to the computer. And my brain is subconsciously writing it while I’m also consciously crafting it.

I love the lightbulb moments when I realise that two parts of the story actually come together and half-finished ideas complete each other. Everything I read seems to fit into the story somehow. The parents of a friend of mine happen to be on holiday in one of my locations, so I have extra research delivered to me in my fb feed. My life is filled with patterns and connections that come back to two fictional people falling in love. If I can communicate a bit of this, I would be so proud.

I read a lot of news articles and they form a large part of my inspiration and research. But it also strikes me how much is missing from life without the arts. Fiction and music are a huge part of who I am and where I find satisfaction. And while I’m working like crazy to produce something I hope one day will satisfy some readers, I am so thankful to the people who have produced the things I read and listen to that bring joy.

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