Work, Work, Work

My manuscript has gone, leaving only hope and a vein of anxiety. It gets a little easier each time I press that orange button. And now I get to start something new.

I had to choose between writing the next in the series (which is actually a rewrite of Meg’s story, which I’ve partially outlined with a completely different hero and it’s shaping up quite well in my mind) or putting together a proposal for Carina Press’ Christmas 2019 call. I had a ghost of an idea and I wasn’t sure which would come together more quickly. It seems it’s actually the Christmas book.

It’s bringing together the whole mash of my life at the moment: Rothenburg ob der Tauber (the capital of Christmas and 45 minutes from here), Latin music (I know, weird mix) and my continuing Spanish learning (I just found a tandem partner! Yay!).

It’s surprisingly difficult to refocus away from category romance, though. At least when I know I’m going to submit to a Harlequin/Mills and Boon line, I can research their current titles, read and reread their guidelines and gather tips from the Facebook/Twitter community. But Carina has a much wider remit.

My characters will only meet in chapter two. OMG. No! But I think it works (does it?). I’m not used to trusting my own judgement like this. I prefer the ‘high school assignment’ that is writing category romance… But there is also a thrill in being guided by the story and the characters rather than outside requirements. Ask me about it again in a few years!

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