Updates from the Writing Cave

It’s been busy keeping up with all of my projects, recently, so this blog has felt my neglect! Here’s a quick update from my cave, where I’m busy drafting Leonie Mack book seven and whipping Lilo’s second book Beerfest into shape.

There were a lot of highs with the release of Berlin Calling, with some amazing reels produced by bookstagrammers and reviews trickling in. I now need to learn about advertising in time for Eurovision! It’s going to be a challenge, but I’d love to get the gorgeous cover in front of a few more eyes and the reviews are certainly motivating, especially the ones who appreciated all the jokes (including the Neighbours joke LOL).

In the meantime, my last proofread of A Taste of Italian Sunshine is heading my way this week! I think we should be looking at a launch in early March, but if you’re eagle-eyed, you’ll see the amazon listing already! (check it out here). The cover is gorgeous and captures the mood of the book really well! Get ready to head to prosecco country on 12 May!

I’m also deep in editing Beerfest, the second Lilo book. It’s the difficult edits, where I have to work out exactly what I was trying to get across with the characters and make sure it’s communicated. After a fluffy, happy book with Berlin Calling (even though there were some deeper elements in that), this one is a touch more cynical, although the love story is so pure, I hope that makes up for it somewhat. Old friends-to-lovers is an incredible trope for bringing out melty feelings, because they already love each other as friends and it’s the journey to ‘more’ that they go on through the book. I will have the pre-order up for it soon-ish! So much to do!

In the meantime I am spending my drafting time for Boldwood book seven in an AMAZING part of the world that is creating a story that’s challenging me as a writer, so we’ll see how that all turns out!

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