A Taste of Italian Sunshine Cover Reveal

Today’s the day I can start officially shouting about A Taste of Italian Sunshine, which I’ve been calling the ‘p’ book. I think this is my favourite cover so far! My publisher will reveal the cover later this evening, but if you’re following my blog, or are eagle-eyed, you might have seen it already and you get to see it a few hours early here!

The cover of A Taste of Italian Sunshine, showing grapevines, mountains and a couple sitting close together cuddling.

The cover designer, Alice Moore, did a fantastic job capturing the landscape (I know the grapes are red, whereas prosecco grapes are white, but it works better with the colours and they do grow some red varieties in the area!).

What I especially love about this cover is the couple. My editor did the cover brief and I love that this is what she came up with, because it’s reminiscient of a short scene in the book that just turned out to be so lovely, even though it’s the briefest moment. You’ll have to read the book to see, but I love how Jenn and Tiziano look on the cover – so relaxed with each other.

Here’s what the landscape really looks like:

So, why the ‘p’ book? Because it features lots of things starting with P:

  • Prosecco
  • Piave river
  • Piave DOP cheese (see what I did there? LOL)
  • Pizza

One thought on “A Taste of Italian Sunshine Cover Reveal

  1. Fabulous photos really are enticing. I want to be there, or at the very least me reading about it! Looking forward to this book.


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