The Happiest Day

Drafting is without doubt my favourite part of the writing process – well, that’s what I’ll say at this stage of a draft. The beginning of a draft is sometimes like wading through a swamp, but once I’m engrossed in the story, that’s my favourite part (from about halfway through the book, I start to feel this).

The happiest day, then, is when I finish the draft. I have a complete story with some kind of shape. I still have all the tweaks and fixes to look forward to, so I don’t have to say goodbye to the characters for a while, yet, but they’re real to me and the story breathes.

That day is TODAY for book seven!

As usual, this is slightly curious timing, when readers are all still waiting (impatiently, I hope) for book six and, with my marketing hat on, I should be yelling about that one. But I’ll take a cheeky moment to celebrate book seven, today. I’m sorry you all won’t get a glimpse at it until later this year.

Without giving too much away, it’s a winter book in the very sense of the word. There is snow and ice and chalets and refuges and rocks, skis and ice axes and crampons and a very special role played by the mountain moon…

I adored writing this. There is some amazing real-life inspiration (I’ve probably gone into too much detail in this first draft and I’ll have to cut) and a rather superlative setting…

Vision board for books seven, showing multiple pictures of snow and mountains, a cable car, a helicopter, two skiers, a mountaineer, the moon and a snow-covered town.

2 thoughts on “The Happiest Day

  1. I am really enticed by the little nuggets you keep dropping about this one! Good luck – and hurry up! 😘


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