Happy Birthday We’ll Always Have Venice

It’s been one year since my fourth book, We’ll Always Have Venice, was published! It’s been my favourite book, so far (A Taste of Italian Sunshine might take over that title, but I’m not quite sure, yet).

In some ways, it’s difficult to have favourites, because there have been things I’ve loved (and obsessed over) in all my books and I wouldn’t choose just one to have written, because all of these obsessions have lived wildly in me for a time and they all stay with me, but We’ll Always Have Venice was just such a fun book and all the elements fell into place while I was writing it: the tropes, the banter, the setting. I was so proud of it, when it came out.

And then it didn’t sell very well. I mean, I can’t complain much because my publisher actively markets all of our titles and it got advertising budget and all the possible support, so it didn’t do badly, either, but it just didn’t sell as well as my previous books and who knows why.

The review statistics back up my opinion that it’s my best book (so far), with a higher proportion of five-star reviews than for any of my other titles. For some reason, people didn’t pick it up and that’s largely out of my control. But I do love when someone stumbles across it and leaves a lovely review, because there are still so many people who haven’t read it! Others will follow, I do hope.

I’m still super proud of Norah, my tough scientist who’s had it a bit rough lately and is getting out there her own way, and Gianluca, who’s knocked off his feet by her and finds a way for them to be together without her sacrificing her career. It’s a sweet, swoony book, gentle like a still summer day on the Venice lagoon, but with the heat of a friendship with potential for something more.

And of course there are three only-one-bed situations! The first was entirely intentional and the other two just sort of happened and I went with it!

The cover of We’ll Always Have Venice, showing a kissing couple in front of gondolas and the Rialto Bridge in Venice, on a background of the Italian flag.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday We’ll Always Have Venice

  1. I loved this book, just as I had loved ‘A match made in Venice’ and the ones that came before and after!
    I loved meeting Didi and Piero again and of course revisiting Venice, a city that never fails to inspire.
    Norah and Gianluca’s story was so engaging that I would find it hard to say which I loved the most! I can’t imagine why readers who loved the first one, wouldn’t pick up the second? Perhaps they were bored with Venice? (I know – utter heresy!) or didn’t like the sisters theme? I have no idea – but they don’t know what they’ve missed!


    1. Thanks so much Susan! The books weren’t actually even linked as a series on Amazon until nearly six months after WAHV came out! I definitely think a lot of people who read MMiV might not have realised there was a second book! I know the epilogue suggests it, but anyway, there has definitely been some read-through with both books out. It’s really hard to reach audiences sometimes! But the book is also only a year old, so it will continue to tick along for years to come, which is amazing. Hopefully more people will find it!


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