Publication Day for Italian Sunshine!

I’m SO EXCITED for this book to be out in the world! I had a ball writing this one. Tiziano is one of my favourite characters ever and it was a joy to shepherd Jenn to a better place in her personal journey. So here’s a little more about each of them:

Jenn Park is a little bit lost, when we meet her. She’s unable to drive because of a few too many mistakes on the road and she’s under pressure during the next stage of her career as a wine buyer. What she doesn’t realise is that she’s on the autism spectrum, which is why she struggles to decipher other people’s expectations and she often feels overwhelmed – also by the bubbles in sparkling drinks, including prosecco!

I thought about choosing a more traditionally attractive photo for Tiziano, but this one suited my vision of him better. On the outside, he’s a joker, ‘Mr Happy-Go-Lucky’, who both annoys Jenn with his lack of ambition and confounds her with his acceptance of her just the way she is. But the happiest people have sometimes experienced the most difficult times in the past…

When these two began to open up to each other, it was such a satisfying feeling. Tiziano’s large family and commmunity welcome Jenn and she makes him feel okay about not fitting in sometimes. Add in an adorable Nonna, Tiziano’s quirky sister-in-law Maryam and her kids, a baptism, a disastrous business dinner and the grape harvest, and that’s a Taste of Italian Sunshine! Grab a copy here.

The cover of a Taste of Italian Sunshine showing vineyards and a couple sitting next to each other

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